Off to a great start!

Wooden championships.jpg

“Somebody asked me: ‘You know, how come it took you so long to win a national championship?’ And I said, ‘I’m a slow learner; but you notice when I learn something, I have it down pretty good.’” – John Wooden

In high school, I was a sprinter. I was never a particularly good starter and was always a bit sluggish getting off the line. Consequently, I often found myself behind the pack at the very start of a race. But once I got going, found my stride, and reached my top speed, I always blew past the competition and finished strong.

My first two weeks of school feel a bit like that. There are some things that I have “down pretty good”…I’ve reached top speed and I’m cruising along. Other things I am still learning. As I continue to learn, I don’t know how long it will take to find my stride and reach top speed, but I ask for your continued patience when I am being a slow learner. In particular, I’m still learning how to manage communications well. It is more challenging than I thought it would be to manage the ongoing stream of emails, phone calls, drop-ins, and emergencies that arise. I’m getting better at it and have made some adjustments to how I approach these demands, but I still feel like a slow learner. I apologize for my delayed responses and want you all to know that I care a great deal about your thoughts and needs. But also please know, that my #1 concern is providing a high quality education for our students and ensuring that my teachers have the support and resources that they need to be successful.

I also want to quickly add that I absolutely love the positive energy in the high school! Each day I hear great things from students. I really enjoy the high-fives and warm greetings, so keep them coming. And today I had two different tables invite me to join them during lunch. That was awesome! Thank you! And to all of the parents who make it a point to smile and wave in the morning and afternoon while I am standing in the carline–I really appreciate it.

So we’re off to a great start. I look forward to coming to work each day and I can’t wait to see where we will be as we run this race (I’m confident that we will find ourselves in first place). Have a great week! Until next Thursday…