Happy Thanksgiving!


I am thankful for…

  1. My wife and son. Thank you for loving me and working hard to support me as I devote many, many hours each week to being a principal and a doctoral student. Thank you for patiently enduring my extended absences, crazy hours, and momentary lapses of reason. This has been a very special time in my life and that is because of you two!
  2. My job as a principal. Sure, it has it’s moments of frustration, but 90% of the time it’s challenging, fun, and very fulfilling. I look forward to my work every day! Well, okay… I look forward to my work almost every day.  🙂
  3. My faculty & staff. They are a huge reason that I love my job. Thank you for the hard work, endless hours, and patience with my failures. Thank you so much for respecting me as I lead the team and also for your collegiality and allowing me to be part of the team. Most of all, thank you for embracing our vision to be great and for providing the best education possible for our students!
  4. My confidants, my sounding boards, and my go-to guys/gals. You know who you are… Thank you for being there. There is no way I’d make it through each day without you!
  5. My support staff. From the front office to the leadership team to the behind-the-scenes team members… Your jobs are thankless and yet the school can’t run without you. So thank you for all that you do! You are all awesome!
  6. My students. Thank you for being the most awesome student body ever! Thank you for your hard work, kindness to each other, and commitment to be lifelong learners and honorable leaders. Thank you to each of you who says “Hi, Mr. Ail” when I’m in the halls. Thank you to the leaders out there who keep striving to develop and achieve a better future (and a better “now”) for SkyView High School. Thank you for taking the time to chat and for trusting me with your ideas and concerns.
  7. My families. Thank you for simply waving to me during car line. Thank you for the words of encouragement and the occasional notes to share your appreciation. Thank you for getting our students to school on time, for helping them with their homework, and for supporting them in their education. Thank you for the cups of coffee and for the pumpkin muffin that I found outside my office a few weeks ago.  🙂

I am so very thankful for this community! Best wishes to all of my staff, students, and families for a blessed and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.