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Each week I write a letter and maybe include some links and pertinent information for the community. But then the letter gets deleted when I replace it with my new letter for the week.

In an effort to preserve my weekly communication, I have taken the time to retrieve all of my past communication and include it in this blog. Feel free to browse some of my older posts and even make comments if you wish. I may use comments to drive future topics of discussion, so feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

I spent many, many hours getting this together, so I don’t yet have an update for this Thursday wire, but stay tuned… Perhaps I’ll have time this weekend to address some of the incredible happenings at SVA High School.




Growth Mindset cont…


Good morning!

I received several positive comments and responses to the links I shared last week on growth mindset. I was asked to share the article on growth mindset that I gave to the teachers and maybe also include something on growth mindset for students. So here it is… I hope this is helpful in some way. Enjoy!

Students, how do we achieve our goals?… how do we become hard workers, focused, and persistent? What does it take to really succeed and keep growing? You might find this interesting… At the very least, it might tell you something about a few of your teachers. Belief, Motivation, Failure, and Growth Mindset

Teachers Need a Growth Mindset Too

Developing a Growth Mindset–5 Tips for Parents (from last week)

How Parents Can Instill a Growth Mindset at Home (from last week)



Growth Mindset


Good morning, parents! (Or whoever reads my posts…)

I’ve always assumed that my posts are being read by some parents, some students, and some teachers–so I try to target multiple audiences and “share the wealth” (so to speak). (Last week, a parent shared with me that they had assumed this was to be a parent letter, and it had never occurred to them that teachers or students might be reading this too.) At any rate, this week’s letter is for the parents.

This past week I read an article about developing a growth mindset in teachers. I will be sharing that article with my staff (and they will be annotating it and discussing it). I’ve read dozens of articles on growth mindset in students. So what about the parents??? Specifically, how might I apply all that I’ve learned about growth mindset to my own role as a parent?

So here is what I found for my own personal growth as a parent and wanted to share with you… Enjoy!

Developing a Growth Mindset–5 Tips for Parents

How Parents Can Instill a Growth Mindset at Home



New Year’s Resolutions

happy-new-year-2017  a_new_year_a_fresh_clean_start

Happy New Year!

In the words of Calvin, “It’s a new year…a fresh clean start!” That’s a wise observation (especially for Calvin). I suppose that’s why we make resolutions and set goals–we sense the opportunity for a fresh, clean start and desire to seize the opportunity.

I’ve set several goals for myself this year. Some are personal, some professional. As I reflect on my first semester at SkyView and all that I’ve experienced and learned (and still have to experience and learn), I wonder what it is that I can do to better help our students get a great education. To that end, there are two goals that I am going to pursue this semester. I have a few ideas for measuring these and keeping them at the front of what I do each day, but here is the gist:

  1. I am going to increase my availability and support for my teachers. I want to double the amount of time that I gave them in the first semester. I’m going to do even more observations, provide more feedback, and increase the support I give my staff. It’s the teachers that have the most direct influence on student learning–I have to make sure that they feel supported and can be successful each day.
  2. I am going to increase my availability and support for my students. I want to triple the amount of time that I spent with students this past semester. I’m going to spend more time in the hallways, drop by more often during lunch, and spend some time helping to tutor students in math during advisement. I love these students!…they are amazing! I don’t just need to spend more time with them…I want to spend more time with them.

So those are a couple of my goals. What about you? The thing to ask yourself is “What opportunity do I have?” What goal will you set for yourself…perhaps something around effort, attitude, focus, support, encouragement, or relationships? This is your chance. Seize the opportunity. Embrace the new year and the fresh, clean start it brings.