How about something less-intense this week: just a couple of quick updates…


We have been approved to bring Screenagers to SkyView Academy! Mrs. Worley and I are discussing dates and finalizing our contract with the company. We will be able to have one viewing for parents (stay tuned for a date and time), and we will be able to show Screenagers to all of our MS and HS students! Dates and times will be forthcoming.


In response to feedback from parents, students, and staff, we are taking steps in the high school to examine our grading policies and procedures. Specifically, we will be examining the pros and cons of weighted grades and/or a plus/minus system. To that end, we are organizing a committee that will include myself, 4 high school staff members, 3 high school students, and 2 of our parents. If you are a parent interested in objectively examining grading practices, please be sure to read the HS Items at the bottom of the Thursday Wire for more information about this committee.

NOTE: This is not to imply that we will necessarily change anything. Maybe we will…maybe we won’t. At this point we simply want to gather information and then examine how well that information aligns with our mission and vision at SkyView.


Parent-teacher conferences are just a couple of weeks away. As a reminder, this is valuable time for us to connect with parents and students who are struggling and need a “check-in” with their teacher. Consequently, we will be approaching conferences differently this semester.

  • Teachers will invite parents to schedule a conference at a specific time on Thursday, March 9 from 1:00-6:00 or Friday, March 10 from 8:00-10:00.
  • Next Wednesday, March 1 teachers will send invites and a link to those parents/students with whom they need to meet. Parents/students will simply click the link and find an available time to meet with the teacher. If you receive an email from a teacher, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment to see them.
  • If we need to meet with the parents/student as team (to include several teachers, the counselors, and the principal), next Wednesday you will receive an email from one of the counselors requesting a meeting on Friday, March 10 between 10:00am-12:00pm.
  • If your student is performing well in all classes, we invite you to start the weekend early.  🙂  I hope that your student is receiving positive feedback and encouragement throughout the year–keep up the good work! We want to use P/T Conferences to focus our attention on those students who need additional support.

More details on conferences will be forthcoming next Wednesday.