Snow Day Make-ups…Follow-up


April 16, 2019

Good evening, SkyView HS community.

As noted in some of our previous communication, the high school is currently a little bit short on the number of hours required by the state of Colorado. Consequently, we are utilizing this Friday, April 19 to gain back some of our lost instructional time. But, as many of you have noticed, having a full-day of normal classes presents some problems because (1) we have AP testing that day for approximately ⅓ of our student body, and (2) many families have already made arrangements that they cannot change. So that left both of us wondering how we could plan a school day that would allow us to earn back our instructional minutes, still allow our AP students to complete their exams, and provide students with a meaningful learning opportunity.

After several hours of brainstorming, we decided to design a conference-style type day for students and teachers. We decided to go this route for several reasons:

  1. It provides both teachers and students with options and allows them to decide where they would like to devote their time during the day.
  2. It creates fun and unique learning opportunities for students and allows them to demonstrate their learning with the possibility of extra credit toward classes.
  3. It does not penalize students who may be tied up during testing or who are unable to attend school that day.
  4. It gets our school back “in the black” with the state of CO and ensures that we don’t have to make up time after Memorial Day. (…as long as we don’t have any more snow days.)

So here is how it works:

  • Students will select the 4 sessions that they would like to attend in the morning and the 1 movie session they would like to attend in the afternoon.
  • At each session for the day, students will complete some sort of product/assessment to demonstrate their learning.
  • Students may submit quality products/assessments to their teachers for extra credit.

With regard to the afternoon session, please know that teachers selected movies specific to their discipline – movies that they would like to show students and they believe possess a thought-provoking and/or powerful message. Since they cannot usually show movies in class, this allowed them the opportunity to have students think critically about an important issue. Although all of the selected movies are rated PG-13 or lower, please take the time as a family to review the options in the program and discuss which movie(s) you are comfortable having your student(s) see.

We know that this is not the “perfect” solution to lost instructional time, but we feel that it is a very positive, creative, meaningful, and fun learning opportunity. We hope that students and parents are able to find some value in this format. If you have any questions about our April 19 make-up date, please do not hesitate to reach out.

With Regards,

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Jon Ail, Principal                                 Linda August, Assistant Principal