School Spirit


Good morning, students! (Parents, you can read this too or ask your student to read it.)

So if you don’t know this about me already, I am from Philly–and a huge Eagles fan. Our fight song goes something like this: Eagles Fight Song (0:41). If you listened to that, you probably didn’t find it particularly exciting. It sounds like a fight song, but who would really sing that? Well in Philadelphia, we sing together after every touchdown–something like this: Eagles Fight Song at Lincoln Financial Field (0:24). It might be tough to feel the difference on video, but when you’re there, in person, it’s electric. There’s just something about being in a crowd of people all cheering like maniacs in support of the same thing.

That is exactly how school spirit works. It’s not about what you do (such as sing a fight song), it’s about how you do it and who you share the experience with. Such is the case heading into next week’s spirit week, culminating in our first homecoming on Friday night! Here’s what I mean…

You could look at the list of things that we have in store for next week–Denver Rescue Mission, Chatfield Restoration, Twin Day, White Out, Color Run, Volleyball, Dance, etc–and if you consider each of these events by itself, it may or may not appeal to you. It may even seem a little boring (kind of like the Eagles’ fight song). But you’re missing the point. The point is not to consider what each activity does for you personally, but rather to use that activity to bond with your peers, embrace our school community, and come together for some school spirit. Get excited…have some fun…be maniacs! It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks about our school spirit activities, all that matters is how we choose to embrace and celebrate these activities as a community.

Next week is a huge opportunity for SkyView Academy to take a giant step forward as a high school. In the words of a popular artist from your millennial generation: “It’s [our] house, come on, turn it up!” Let’s have fun with this next week!



P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy the fall colors before they’re gone!

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