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Last updated: May 10, 2019

As you can see, “Friday’s Pint of Ail” has been relocated to our admin blog. I’ve received a number of requests for access to old editions of “The Pint” and decided to change the weekly update from a Google Doc to a blog post. Now you can reference old updates anytime throughout the year.

Notes: (1) Sorry – I am not going to add the last three years of “The Pint” to this blog. But time permitting, I’ll add the last few issues…  (2) The Friday update may be password protected from time-to-time so that we can keep things “in house” when needed.

Cheers to

The Whole Team – Thank you for handling the unexpected challenges of this past week with professionalism, empathy, compassion, courage, and determination. You all set a tremendous example for our students and helped them to navigate this week well. It is an honor to serve alongside you all!

The Moms out there! Happy Mother’s Day!

Ryan – Another truly spectacular band concert!

Miles & Hannah – Congrats on another great soccer season!

Alexa & Noelle – Great job guiding and coaching our students to another state BIP win!

Karen – engaging her students with “right hand contortions.” I’ve gone from “physics shock therapy” to “right-hand contortionism”! Physics students are currently studying magnetism and there is a right hand rule to figure out the direction of force due to a magnetic field, here is a picture of my 2nd period class solving some problems on the whiteboard and figuring out the direction of force on a conductor.

week in review

Saturday & Sunday: Things to do in CO this weekend

Monday (20): 6:00pm, Athletic Banquet

Tuesday (21): 3:30, New Teacher End-of-Year Meeting

Wednesday (22): NO Team Meeting
8:00-11:55, Finals
1:00, Teacher Lead End-of-year Meeting

Thursday (23): 8:00-11:55, Finals
1:00, AP Teacher End-of-year Meeting

Friday (24): 8:00-11:00, Finals
11:15-1:00, PK-12 End-of-Year Bash
1:00-6:45, Classroom Worktime & Checkout
7:00, End of Year Shindig at J-Lo’s

Tuesday (28): Last Day to check-out for the summer

dates to remember

Coming again in August…

food for thought

Why the high achievers have moved to “shop” class

Instead of Standardized Testing, Consider Portfolio Assessment

Ways to have students evaluate classes

The value of having students evaluate teachers

When it comes to grading, is 50 the new zero?

Fill your own bucket. How to refill our teacher leader buckets.

Failure is a part of teaching. Here is how to grow from it.

Advice From a Learning Scientist: 5 Questions School Leaders Should Be Asking

Brain Science Backs Up Role of “Mindset” in Motivating Students

legal updates

Coming soon in August…


  1. NO Team Meeting Wed. If we need to meet throughout the week, we’ll have a quick stand-up meeting or two – likely in the afternoon when finals are done.
  2. Final Exams. Be sure to refer to the Final Exam schedule on the SVA Public Google Calendar. You can click on the calendar item to view specific details for the day. Also, be sure that all students take their final exams at the scheduled time unless you’ve been notified by me. If students assert that they won’t be here during a regularly scheduled final, but you have not heard from me, please let me know immediately.
  3. Summer Checkout. Be sure to print and complete the End of Year Employee Checkout List.

Have a fantastic summer break!

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